Online Bookings

My ParentEve is a website that works with the ParentEve program in order to allow parents to book online. This saves you lots of time and effort as data entry is all done for you.

At the moment, you will also need to install the ParentEve software for Windows in order to organise a parents evening. Stay tuned though, Full web functionality is coming soon!

If you're an existing ParentEve user, you can register and get started straight away for no extra cost.

Online Storage

  • Keep all your event files safely backed up online, access them from any device
  • See all your upcoming events in one place
  • View your unlock code and renewal date, allowing you to easily install the Windows ParentEve software on new computers

1: Create Event

Firstly, create the event in ParentEve for Windows as you usually do. Import the teachers, parents and pupils from your management system.

Make sure that your management system includes the email address for each parent, as invitations are sent by email.

2: Send Invites

The next stage is to send the invitation emails to parents:

  • Upload the event to the website. This creates unique web pages for each parent.
  • On the website, input the cover letter used for emails
  • Download the event file back into ParentEve
  • Send the invitation emails.

3: Parents Respond

The parents will receive their email invitations and respond online. Each parent gets a unique web page, they do not need to log in or make a password so it is easy for them to respond.

As responses get entered, you can track the progress online, downloading the event as many times as you like so that you can see it in ParentEve too.

4: Optimise

Once all the replies have been received, you can process the event in ParentEve as you usually would:

  • Add or remove appointment requests as needed
  • Adjust appointment priorities
  • Optimise the schedule
  • Email or print results.

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